You Have Been Given a Weapon

I am super passionate about prayer. I love to pray and intercede, especially when it comes to the next generation because I truly believe that it is one of our most valuable weapons that we can ever use. 


I had struggled with the Lord with this because I emphasize prayer a lot in our community. I talk about prayer a lot. I legit have a prayer wall with all the of the Girl Truth teenage girl's names on it. However, I have been criticized for that because some people feel like you can't just pray ALL the time. You also need to do something and to that I say, yes I agree! Faith without works is dead. 


I remember talking to the Lord about this and wondering...hmm am I emphasizing on prayer too much? Should I be focusing on something else? But the Holy Spirit spoke loud and clear. It said, "Prayer Works!" I was like, "Yeah, I know. Lol, that's why I do it," but I felt the Lord say, not like that. Not the everyday prayer works phrase. Prayer literally goes to work. 


I want you to think of prayer with a little hammer and a chisel and its work boots on going to work on behalf of your children. It's chipping away at certain things. It's working. It's chiseling and striking away. 


Honestly, there's some situations where we just don't know what to do and so many times we think, okay well let me just to ALL the things without receiving the strategy from Heaven first. 


Perhaps it's a teenager that wants nothing to do with God. Maybe they have taken off their identity and want to put something else on or be somebody else. It doesn't matter if they were in church for a long time or ran away. Where ever your child is, prayer works and it can not happen on earth until we see it in the Spirit. 


As we are parenting, believing and declaring never downplay the power of prayer over your children. God can do exceedingly, abundantly, above anything we can even ask or think. He can absolutely do more than what we can do in our own flesh. 


Pray. Pray for your daughters. Pray for the next generation. God is at work. 





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