Teens and the Digital Babylon

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2021

I talk about this subject a lot, but the more and more that I sit with moms and teenagers and hear their stories on a weekly basis I am absolutely convinced that we are living in a digital Babylon. 


I did not coin that phrase. That is a phrase that came from Barna which is a researching institute that researches all of the trends in the church and the trends that are happening in the generations. 


It is so true that so much of what our kids are experiencing on the internet and through digital spaces is exactly what happened in Babylonian times. 


In the book of Daniel we see a couple of things that happened right off the bat when the children of Israel leave, wherever they were, and get shipped off into Babylon. The first thing that happens is they change their name, right? 


They change their names to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. That was not their names. It was Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. These three men had to change their names. Even Daniel's name was changed to something that looked like or sounded like the Babylonian Gods. 


I'm telling you right now that the more our children are in front of digital devices and services/spaces they are being threatened to change their name. 


What do I mean by that? Their identity, who they truly are. If you're not telling your girl who she is you better believe that someone on Tik Tok or YouTube is telling her who she is.


I'm not saying that we just need to ban all digital things. My ministry is digital. I am trying to invade the digital space because of this, but I'm telling you that you have to really intervene mama and make sure that she knows who she is in Christ before the world tells her who she is. 


The second thing that happened in Babylon is not only did they change their name, but they tried to change their appetite. Am I right? That's why all of us do the Daniel Fast right at the beginning of the year. You know, we don't want to eat the king's meat and the king's sweet stuff. We're going to stick to fruits and vegetables and water, but spiritually, like in a spiritual sense what I feel is happening with our kiddos is as they enter the digital Babylon it is threatening to change their appetite. It's trying to change what they have affections for, what they desire, who they desire, why they desire certain things. Their spiritual appetites are starting to change and again we have to be bold and intervene. We have to throw down the gauntlet and say, "Okay, hold up! You're not gonna have my kid. I'm not going to sacrifice my children to this Babylonian empire, to this digital Babylon. I'm going to make sure that they know who they are in Christ and that they stand for righteousness in their generation."


It is so important that we are not passive. I say this all the time, "Mama, put your war clothes on" because God has empowered us to raise up the next generation of Kingdom Warriors, and they will be fierce because the battle is hot!



P.S I'm praying for you and your precious daughter


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