Girl Truth Teens of Grace: Week 4: Gomer

Nov 27, 2022

Girl Truth Teens of Grace


Woman of the Week: Gomer (Hosea 1:1-11 & 3:1-5)


Personal Application: 

All in all, Gomer’s story reminds me of how I have tried to fill a void in my own life with worldly endeavors. Though not nearly as drastic as Gomer’s, I have made choices not too far off from hers and I can relate to running away from God (In Gomers case her husband) and betraying my loved ones. However, my poor choices remind me of how lucky I am to have a family that loves me and will stick by me no matter how much I may hurt them. In addition, I am reminded of how God will always love me and that, in contrast to the world, will not drop everything and run as soon as things become challenging. Overall, this story reminds me of the love, forgiveness, and mercy I am surrounded by and should attempt to provide to others in the present and for relationships to come. 


Chapter Summary

As a prostitute, Gomer was considered an unlikely choice for...

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Girl Truth Teens of Grace- Week 3: Esther

Nov 21, 2022

Girl Truth Teens of Grace


Woman of the Week: Esther 


Personal Application:

Throughout the story of Esther's life were many demonstrations of loyalty, obedience, faithfulness, and humility. Personally, for me, I admire Esther’s humility as I continuously struggle with being humble in instances when I need to acknowledge that I am wrong and/or I need to take accountability for the mistakes I have made. In addition, I also struggle with recognizing that I need help and acknowledging that I do not know how to do something. On another note, particularly as a teen, I also struggle with remaining faithful and remembering to express gratitude to God for the blessings in my life. Either way, whether in faith or humility, Esther’s story has reminded me the importance of both and how, regardless of how successful we may be, it is always important to own your mistakes and thank God for the blessings you have experienced in your life.


Chapter Summary: 

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Girl Truth Teens of Grace- Week 2: Rahab

Nov 09, 2022

Woman of the Week:


Read: (Joshua 2:1-24, 6:17-25)

Personal Application:

In the past, I have made choices that were against the nature of God just like Rahab did. As a result, I tend to perceive myself as an individual that never learns from her past and therefore, will never be good enough to do the work of God. However, Rahab’s story proves that God can use anyone that he chooses. Personally, I still struggle to realize that though I may be a sinner, God sees me as His daughter who is more than her mistakes. In the end, I have come to the realization that living as a Christian is less about trying to live life perfectly and more about recognizing my imperfections and accepting that I will always make mistakes. By understanding that my mistakes do not define me and that my identity is in God, I can try to follow His example and behave in such a way that reflects His nature. 

Chapter Summary: 

Though she was well known for being a prostitute in her town...

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Girl Truth Teens of Grace

Nov 02, 2022

Woman of the Week

Rachel (Genesis 29-30)

In my own life, I have always struggled with insecurity and jealousy as early as grade school. Specifically, the first time I remember experiencing it was when I lost my father. Shortly after his death, I began to resent that on Father's Day or during Father Daughter dances everyone had a father but me. However, as I got older that resentment and jealousy I once felt morphed into insecurity about my appearance and personality. In the end, our insecurities may never go away. They will continue to adapt to our lifestyles as we grow older. Regardless of the insecurities you may have (whether it is family, appearance, wealth, or choice of career) it is essential to find one aspect of your life that you love and hold onto it. 

Genesis 30 begins with conveying how after being given to Jacob as a second wife-who was tricked into marrying her sister Leah beforehand-Rachel began to feel insecure about herself because of her inability to provide...

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Labels Vs. Identity

Jun 29, 2021

Hi Ladies!

Is your daughter struggling with her identity? Does she know what her identity is and where it comes from?

 I want to share 2 points about identity.

  1. God determines our identity. I know that seems really simple. I know it seems like “Duh, I knew that.” However, I don’t think people really, truly believe that their identity comes from God. One of the things that we’ve been discussing in our community with our mom and teen daughters is everything originated from God. Human beings were his idea, (Genesis 1:26-27). Not only did God begin our identity as human beings, but He also breathed His life into us and man became a living soul. So every piece of our DNA has the breath, the soul, spirit and the life of God inside of us.

If we were to walk into any art museum we would see paintings or sculptures by different artists. When people look at that art they are trying to determine what the art means and what was the artist thinking. Ephesians 2:10...

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Does Your Teen Feel Like Having A Relationship With God Is Too Many Rules?

Jun 16, 2021

During these past weeks I’ve been having conversations with our Girl Truth girls and we were talking about our identity in Christ and how that affects our behavior. A lot of times when we’re trying to talk to teenagers about Christianity or the things of God, sometimes it comes off like a lot of rules. Christians do this, they don’t do that. It can sometimes come off legalistic or religious. Now, we know there are boundaries. There are things that we do and there are things that we don’t do, but the reason WHY we do or don’t do things is because of WHO WE ARE. It comes out from an overflow of who we are in Christ.


So we were discussing this reality from Colossians 3:3, that who we truly are is hidden with Christ in God. I had the girls come up with some visuals of what that looks like for them. For me, I think of it like a cocoon. Me and Jesus are up in the cocoon, in God. Some of the girls thought of a wing or a kangaroo pouch. As we talked...

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Standing In Faith, Even If Your Spouse Doesn't

May 18, 2021

Recently I got the special privilege of interviewing Sarah, from HER Tribal. Her and her daughter have both been a part of our Girl Truth community from the very beginning. She is also a dear friend to me.


During her interview she shared her personal story of leading her 3 girls spiritually in her home during a time when her husband was no longer leading or interested. Sarah and her husband had served in the ministry for years. They loved the Lord and put Him first. Things were going really well and they were both on the same page. God was using her and her husband’s marriage to break generational things off. God was shifting things and getting them ready for a big transition and a major breakthrough. He was calling them to pastor their very own church! For years they assisted other pastors. Now they had their own church and the target on their heads that caught the enemy’s attention just got bigger.


Sarah felt something coming. She begin to notice that her...

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Are Your Spiritual Priorities in Order?

May 06, 2021

Focusing on ourselves as mothers may seem selfish, but really it’s the best thing we can do spiritually for our children. Making that time to read our word, having devotional time with the Lord, praying, etc is how we set ourselves up for success. Not just success in our own life, but also as that leader pouring into our children’s lives. In Matthew 4:4 the word of God says, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Have you ever felt like you’re just lost or not on fire for God the way you once were? Put yourself first and spend time with God. Don’t leave your spiritual life on the back burner. Put it at the forefront so you can walk in his love, authority and full of his word.

 A study by Barna showed that kids who have a lasting faith are highly influenced in their home spiritually. That’s doesn’t come as a shock to me. That’s one of our core messages in Girl...

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What is Tsaphar and How Do We Live Out This Meaning?

Apr 27, 2021

            What is a watchman and why is it such a vital role for us women to have in our home? You probably seen dozens of movies with a watchman on a tower or on a really high-leveled wall. The watchman was probably old and feeble, haha! His main role was to observe and be a lookout for enemies, danger and harmful things that were trying to enter the city gates. The first person’s life to be threatened was always the watchman. He had a very important role.

            God has called us women to be watchmen in our homes as well. From a Biblical perspective it may seem very similar to the role of a watchman in the movies, but it is so much deeper. The word watchman in Hebrew is “Tsaphar”. Tsaphar means to look out, look about, spy, keep watch, observe, lean forward, peak and peer into. This word has so much to do with being aware with our eyes. First, before we dive deeper, we...

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Having Biblical Authority in Your Home

Apr 22, 2021

What is Biblical authority? How do we walk in it in our own home?

 Every battle that we face as the people of God, as women of God, as parents or whatever our title may be, starts in the spirit. Everything we face and everything that we are asking God for, first takes place in the spirit. Before it even happens in the natural, it will happen in the spirit. Anything that’s manifesting itself in the natural is because of what’s going on underneath.

We see this all throughout the Bible, where things were happening underneath. The Israelites turned their face from God and experienced years of turmoil, but it first began in the spirit. It first began with the condition of their heart and relationship with our Heavenly Father.  

As a parent whose raising Godly teens it’s important to create an atmosphere in your home where God can move, where your child has opportunity to experience a relationship with Him. It’s so important to provide an atmosphere...

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