Are You Living Out Authentic Faith?


Hey Mama,

You don’t have to be perfect. What our daughters need is to see us live out an authentic faith. Not a perfect faith because we’re not perfect. Only Jesus is perfect, but if our faith is authentic then our children will be more likely to gravitate towards what is real. What does that mean? It means we’re not saying one thing and doing another. We’re not lecturing them about one thing and then living another way. When we say we love and follow Jesus they would be able to see that in every area of our life. When we mess up…we own it. We don’t try to cover it up. We don’t try to hide it. We just own it.

If teenagers love anything, it’s authenticity. They love to hear real life stories. They want to know if you’re struggling. They want to know if you’ve walked through the things that they’ve walked through. It’s this time in their life when they’re deciding all sorts of things about who they are and what they believe. It’s this time in their life where God is beginning to shape them and mold them. We have an opportunity to show them authentic faith. Let’s show them a faith that follows Jesus through temptation, a faith that follows Jesus through frustration, a faith that follows Jesus no matter what.

It may seem like they are not paying attention or they are not listening, but I’m telling you they are watching. They are watching what we do, what we say and how we live our lives. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to be real. Live authentically. Live out your authentic faith before your daughters, before your children and watch them grow and be curious about your relationship with God. Take them on that journey with you. Take them on that discipleship journey too. I tell the moms in our Girl Truth Mom Squad all the time, “Yes, she is your daughter, but she’s also your sister in Christ.” So live out this journey of faith and discipleship together. Just be real. Be real with your kids. God is doing something amazing in them. What an honor we have as mamas to journey with them, to love on them, to see them come powerfully into the kingdom of God.


With Much Love,

Donna Martin

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