Are Your Spiritual Priorities in Order?

Focusing on ourselves as mothers may seem selfish, but really it’s the best thing we can do spiritually for our children. Making that time to read our word, having devotional time with the Lord, praying, etc is how we set ourselves up for success. Not just success in our own life, but also as that leader pouring into our children’s lives. In Matthew 4:4 the word of God says, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Have you ever felt like you’re just lost or not on fire for God the way you once were? Put yourself first and spend time with God. Don’t leave your spiritual life on the back burner. Put it at the forefront so you can walk in his love, authority and full of his word.

 A study by Barna showed that kids who have a lasting faith are highly influenced in their home spiritually. That’s doesn’t come as a shock to me. That’s one of our core messages in Girl Truth. We can’t expect our kids to do what we are not exampling.

 “Before you can start a spiritual rhythm in your home, you need to be dedicated to that which is most important first, your devotion to the Lord.”

-Tajoneeka Moore,

 During our talk with Tajoneeka Moore from Random Nest Family, we discussed how God has commanded us to be that teacher and mentor to our children. It may seem so hard with our busy lives, but just like we make time for other important things like exercising, date nights, outings, cooking dinner, we also have to put time aside to teach our kids God’s word and create an environment where they can experience that intimate relationship with Him. This may look like 10 minutes every morning reading a devotional and discussing what it means to you and your children. It can be putting on worship music before bed and having a worship session or pulling your child aside in the middle of the day to pray with them. For those looking for a down to earth quick Bible study lesson for teen girls, we have Girl Truth. We discuss everything from identity to making Godly choices for today that will impact the next 10-20 years.


Whatever you choose, just start off with something. The truth is, if you don’t disciple your kids the enemy is equipped and waiting to do the job that God has given us as mothers. I don’t say that to scare you, but to share the truth in love.

 We are sewing a seed and that seed will yield a harvest. Visit us at to watch an interview on creating Godly rhythms in our home.

 -Love Donna Martin, Founder of Girl Truth (Online Teen Bible Study Platform)


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