Does Your Teen Feel Like Having A Relationship With God Is Too Many Rules?


During these past weeks I’ve been having conversations with our Girl Truth girls and we were talking about our identity in Christ and how that affects our behavior. A lot of times when we’re trying to talk to teenagers about Christianity or the things of God, sometimes it comes off like a lot of rules. Christians do this, they don’t do that. It can sometimes come off legalistic or religious. Now, we know there are boundaries. There are things that we do and there are things that we don’t do, but the reason WHY we do or don’t do things is because of WHO WE ARE. It comes out from an overflow of who we are in Christ.


So we were discussing this reality from Colossians 3:3, that who we truly are is hidden with Christ in God. I had the girls come up with some visuals of what that looks like for them. For me, I think of it like a cocoon. Me and Jesus are up in the cocoon, in God. Some of the girls thought of a wing or a kangaroo pouch. As we talked about the reality of being with Christ in God it changes a little bit of the way we act. It changes how we think because we’re literally with Christ in God.


It’s not that you are forced to stop doing things. As we come into the realization of where we’re located is with Christ in God and in Him we live, move and have our being, then some of those behaviors start to fall off. I love the example one of our teens shared. She said, “It’s like you’re sitting in poo covered in gold.” Here we are daughters of the most high. We’re “dripping in gold” as a daughter of God, but we’re still sitting in our poo. We’re sitting in our sin and the behaviors that are unbecoming in our life. We’re sitting in our poo covered in gold and it’s no longer even becoming of us. That is not who you are anymore. You can just take that stuff off.


I love seeing our girls awaken to that truth. The reality of Christ makes them holy because God is holy. Have these conversations with your daughter. When they know who they are everything changes.



Donna Martin, Teen Girl Mentor


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