Girl Truth Teens of Grace- Week 2: Rahab

Woman of the Week:


Read: (Joshua 2:1-24, 6:17-25)

Personal Application:

In the past, I have made choices that were against the nature of God just like Rahab did. As a result, I tend to perceive myself as an individual that never learns from her past and therefore, will never be good enough to do the work of God. However, Rahab’s story proves that God can use anyone that he chooses. Personally, I still struggle to realize that though I may be a sinner, God sees me as His daughter who is more than her mistakes. In the end, I have come to the realization that living as a Christian is less about trying to live life perfectly and more about recognizing my imperfections and accepting that I will always make mistakes. By understanding that my mistakes do not define me and that my identity is in God, I can try to follow His example and behave in such a way that reflects His nature. 

Chapter Summary: 

Though she was well known for being a prostitute in her town (Jericho), Rahab’s heart remained open to the Lord. To elaborate, when the Israelite army sent spies to gather information, Rahab was the one whom they went to. However, the king of Jericho found out and so he sent men to Rahab’s house who then asked her to bring the spies out. However, Rahab lied and told the kings men that they had left through the city gates when, in reality, she had hidden them inside. After the king's men left, Rahab explained to the spies that she kept them hidden because she feared that betraying them would anger the Lord as she knew that He had protected and ensured the Israelites victory against many of their enemies. As a result, by protecting the spies, Rahab helped the Israelites gain victory over Jericho and ensured the safety of her and her family. In the end, Rahab’s obedience and fear of the Lord was what allowed the presence of Him to enter her heart. 

Theme/Major Points:

  • No matter how far away from God, no one is unredeemable and is unable to be used by the Lord; you can always choose to reconnect with Him. 
  • Regardless of our mistakes, our faith and obedience in the present is not negated by our past. 
  • Though we may be quick to judge ourselves (and others), God sees our value and what we will bring to the world regardless of what we may think. 

Reflection & Application:

Overall, Rahab’s story has taught me that the sinful choices we have made in the past do not define our identity in the present nor the future. In addition, it is important to try to recognize that no matter how far from God we may become, we can always choose to step back from sin and reconnect with Him. Oftentimes, a small step (or in this case choice) can make a significant difference in our lives. In the end, it is easier to break down the improvements we want to make into steps that we can easily implement into our daily lives. As a result, the positive changes we make under the guidance of God in our daily lives do make a difference (no matter how small they may seem). 





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