Girl Truth Teens of Grace: Week 4: Gomer

Girl Truth Teens of Grace


Woman of the Week: Gomer (Hosea 1:1-11 & 3:1-5)


Personal Application: 

All in all, Gomer’s story reminds me of how I have tried to fill a void in my own life with worldly endeavors. Though not nearly as drastic as Gomer’s, I have made choices not too far off from hers and I can relate to running away from God (In Gomers case her husband) and betraying my loved ones. However, my poor choices remind me of how lucky I am to have a family that loves me and will stick by me no matter how much I may hurt them. In addition, I am reminded of how God will always love me and that, in contrast to the world, will not drop everything and run as soon as things become challenging. Overall, this story reminds me of the love, forgiveness, and mercy I am surrounded by and should attempt to provide to others in the present and for relationships to come. 


Chapter Summary

As a prostitute, Gomer was considered an unlikely choice for God as she lived a life in sin and against his nature. Nevertheless, God provided Gomer with Hosea-a well-known prophet and follower of God-as a husband. In this unlikely marriage, God continued to use Hosea for his plan. Specifically, each child Gomer had with Hosea she named based on the command of Him. For example, for Gomer’s first child was named Jeezreel, which was a statement conveying that God would punish King Jehu’s dynasty for his murders at Jeezreel. However, though she followed God’s commands for determining the names of her children, Gomer did not alter her sinful lifestyle during her marriage with Hosea. In fact, Gomer had numerous affairs with different men until one day, one of the men she was having one with, sold her into slavery. Surprisingly, Hosea found Gomer and made a payment to who she was sold to and brought her back home. In the end, Gomer’s sinful actions against Hosea did not change how much he loved her. Similarly, though we may run from God, reject Him, and live a sinful lifestyle, God’s love is unconditional, and He will always try to bring us back home. 


Theme/Major Points 

  • God’s love is unconditional- He will never let His love be measured by our actions.
  • Attempting to fill a void in our lives with worldly endeavors will never satisfy us- only the love of God and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior will.
  • Even as lifelong sinners, we are redeemable-through the blood and sacrifice of Jesus, no one is a lost cause. 


Reflection & Application

Altogether, Gomer’s story is another testament of the love and forgiveness God has for humanity. In addition, it also demonstrates how our relationship with God may be. Specifically, though we may betray Him, run away, and persistently remain unfaithful (like Gomer), our time away from Him does not affect His love for us. Like Gomer and Hosea, when we are brought back to Him, we will always be welcomed with open arms. In the end, it is never too late to return to God and pick up where we left off.


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