Girl Truth Teens of Grace: Week 6- Lydia

Woman of the Week: Lydia (Acts 16:13-15 & 16:40)


Personal Application: 

Though it is difficult to admit at times, I have found it challenging to remain diligent in working to strengthen my relationship with God. My relationship has wavered, and I confess to periodically turning to Him only during times of trouble or stress rather than maintaining a consistent relationship. In a world of fleshly desires, it is hard to not get caught up in the things that we possess and the desires we want to fulfill. I have found, on more than one occasion, that I tend to gravitate towards taking the easier route and avoiding consequences, than to turn off the television or close the book I am reading and reflect. Either way, in the short timeframe that I have been on Earth, I have discovered the importance of relentlessly running after God instead of running away from Him.  

Chapter Summary:

Lydia, a wealthy and successful merchant of fine cloth, was one of the first to convert to Christianity in Europe. Surprisingly, her fortune did not inhibit her ability to remain humble and hard-working. Specifically, when Paul and Silas visited her prayer group, Lydia accepted the Word they were preaching as a message from God. After the meeting, Lydia immediately became baptized, along with all of those living in her household. In addition, not only did Lydia give her life to Jesus but she also served them by extending an invitation for them to stay at her home. In the end, even Lydia’s small act of kindness demonstrated her humility and the character she began to exhibit as a result of her committing her life to Christ. 


Theme/Major Points: 

1.) Even small contributions make differences in the world and further uplift the kingdom of God. 

2.) Our belief in Jesus can be demonstrated by our daily actions and advancements in our character.

3.) Regardless of your prosperity, strengthening your connection with God is the only way to match the amount of internal wealth you may possess with that of the prosperity you have been blessed with (or are about to receive). 


Reflection & Application

All in all, Lydia’s story has taught me the importance of nurturing my character growth so that it aligns with the kingdom of God. Additionally, I have also learned the importance of prioritizing my time and dedication to the Lord so that I may demonstrate the faithfulness and obedience I have for Him and His Word. In the future, I hope that I may exude the traits that reflect the kingdom of God and, like Lydia, remain steadfast in my efforts to build my relationship with God regardless of my circumstances (good or bad). 



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