Since 2009 self-harm has increased 189% amongst preteen girls... What!


Did you know since 2009, self-harm has increased 189% amongst preteen girls. While that statistic is staggering, it says nothing of the suicide rates, the depression and the anxiety rates that are skyrocketing with our teenagers. No one can say that social media causes these mental health concerns, but there is an absolute correlation between the usage of social media and the way that our children are experiencing mental health. See, it’s so important that as educators, as parents, as mamas, as fathers, that we are armed and ready for the battle that is already on our doorstep.

I created a Digital Worldview because I wanted parents and educators, mentors to know, according to Life Impact 360, that only 4% of Gen Z has a Biblical worldview. Well, if only 4% has a biblical worldview, then what worldview do they have? I call it a digital one.

I ask parents all the time, “Who is discipling your child?” I say discipling because they are following so many different influencers, people and friends on social media. I have had so many parents look up and say, “I think I’m losing my child.”

I created this workshop because I want us to be ready. I created this workshop because I want you to have the information, the trends, the psychosocial impact implications, and the spiritual implications of how social media is affecting our children.

I hope that you will join us and get ready.




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