What is Tsaphar and How Do We Live Out This Meaning?

            What is a watchman and why is it such a vital role for us women to have in our home? You probably seen dozens of movies with a watchman on a tower or on a really high-leveled wall. The watchman was probably old and feeble, haha! His main role was to observe and be a lookout for enemies, danger and harmful things that were trying to enter the city gates. The first person’s life to be threatened was always the watchman. He had a very important role.

            God has called us women to be watchmen in our homes as well. From a Biblical perspective it may seem very similar to the role of a watchman in the movies, but it is so much deeper. The word watchman in Hebrew is “Tsaphar”. Tsaphar means to look out, look about, spy, keep watch, observe, lean forward, peak and peer into. This word has so much to do with being aware with our eyes. First, before we dive deeper, we must understand this role that was assigned from God to a person in the Bible.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to walk in a calling that God has given you? Find someone in the Bible that was called for the same exact purpose and you’ll find very practical ways to walk in your calling. The prophet Ezekiel is a great example of being a watchman. In Ezekiel 3:17, God appointed Ezekiel as a watchman over Israel. Ezekiel was a prophet and a priest. His role over Israel as a prophet was to see the future and to speak life and death over situations. His role over Israel as a priest was to offer up a prayer, atonement for sins, and intercede for them.

God is calling you, mom, to be a watchman in your home. He is awakening the prophet and priest in you. He is calling you to see ahead for your family. He is calling to declare things out of your mouth for your family and give direction. He is calling you to intercede for your children. Many times intercession is misunderstood. Intercession is saying, you can’t get to my children, finances, marriage, etc. without getting through me. Interceding is committing to take on the spiritual weight and do whatever it takes to see victory come to pass over that specific situation that you’re praying for. Intercession is proactive.

Ezekiel, the priest, taught the law. As mothers, it is so important that we teach our children God’s word and not just by mouth, but also in action. We need to speak God’s promises over them. When our kids fall short and we are tempted to point out their shortcomings, remember how our Father approaches us. We are drawn to God, not because He solely points out our shortcomings, but He speaks life over us. Remember to speak life over your children. Let them know they are leaders, they’re bold, they are courageous, they are humble, they are servants, they are peacemakers, etc. Declare God’s word over them and keep that fire burning.

Lead by example. Let’s be honest. None of us are perfect and I have been guilty of this myself at one time or another. How can we tell our children to speak kindly, with love and understanding with their siblings, if we are displaying the exact opposite in our marriage? Perhaps we are telling our kids to forgive and release a grudge that they are so tightly holding onto, yet we have not forgiven someone who has offended us. They need to see us living by example. That’s part of the watchman’s role. They need to see us pray and reading the word of God. They need to know that they are in an atmosphere where they can freely encounter God.

Our children have been given to us, but they are also God’s children. God has placed us over his children to be watchmen. One day, God will stand before us to see how we watched over His children. Don’t wait for someone or something to come along and be that spiritual mentor and guide for your child. That’s what God appointed us mothers as. Keep worshiping out loud, keep praying outwardly and keep reading your Bible where your kids can see you. Are we doing it to be praised or to be seen for applause? No, we’re showing our kids what it means to be a believer and to create that environment where our kids can enter into His almighty presence. Share His love with your children. Let them experience that same love that made you fall crazy in love with Him.



Donna Martin


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