Girl Truth Teens of Grace- Week 3: Esther

Nov 21, 2022

Girl Truth Teens of Grace


Woman of the Week: Esther 


Personal Application:

Throughout the story of Esther's life were many demonstrations of loyalty, obedience, faithfulness, and humility. Personally, for me, I admire Esther’s humility as I continuously struggle with being humble in instances when I need to acknowledge that I am wrong and/or I need to take accountability for the mistakes I have made. In addition, I also struggle with recognizing that I need help and acknowledging that I do not know how to do something. On another note, particularly as a teen, I also struggle with remaining faithful and remembering to express gratitude to God for the blessings in my life. Either way, whether in faith or humility, Esther’s story has reminded me the importance of both and how, regardless of how successful we may be, it is always important to own your mistakes and thank God for the blessings you have experienced in your life.


Chapter Summary: 

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Girl Truth Teens of Grace- Week 2: Rahab

Nov 09, 2022

Woman of the Week:


Read: (Joshua 2:1-24, 6:17-25)

Personal Application:

In the past, I have made choices that were against the nature of God just like Rahab did. As a result, I tend to perceive myself as an individual that never learns from her past and therefore, will never be good enough to do the work of God. However, Rahab’s story proves that God can use anyone that he chooses. Personally, I still struggle to realize that though I may be a sinner, God sees me as His daughter who is more than her mistakes. In the end, I have come to the realization that living as a Christian is less about trying to live life perfectly and more about recognizing my imperfections and accepting that I will always make mistakes. By understanding that my mistakes do not define me and that my identity is in God, I can try to follow His example and behave in such a way that reflects His nature. 

Chapter Summary: 

Though she was well known for being a prostitute in her town...

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Being The Guard of Your Home

Mar 16, 2021

I recently seen a video of a woman who went under cover as an 11 year old girl with her media company. It only took 1 minute for predators to start messaging the woman who was portraying herself as a child. These predators commented with obscene words and pictures. It was shocking!


Now I know just like me, many of you have been concerned about social media and what's going on online. It's important to be aware of what can happen. 


Most of us are familiar with Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Nowadays there's so many different social media platforms to choose from. Here's a picture of a few apps that are popular with teens. Do you recognize any of them? I could literally only identity 5! That's it, but these apps are popular amongst our teens. They present a world of different things to our children. 


Statistics show that 84% of children between the ages of 12 and 18 have cell phones. My biggest concern as a mother right now, regarding this...

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