Girl Truth Teens of Grace- Week 3: Esther

Nov 21, 2022

Girl Truth Teens of Grace


Woman of the Week: Esther 


Personal Application:

Throughout the story of Esther's life were many demonstrations of loyalty, obedience, faithfulness, and humility. Personally, for me, I admire Esther’s humility as I continuously struggle with being humble in instances when I need to acknowledge that I am wrong and/or I need to take accountability for the mistakes I have made. In addition, I also struggle with recognizing that I need help and acknowledging that I do not know how to do something. On another note, particularly as a teen, I also struggle with remaining faithful and remembering to express gratitude to God for the blessings in my life. Either way, whether in faith or humility, Esther’s story has reminded me the importance of both and how, regardless of how successful we may be, it is always important to own your mistakes and thank God for the blessings you have experienced in your life.


Chapter Summary: 

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Why Is It So Hard To Get My Teen Enthusiastic About Things?

Mar 11, 2021

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to get your teen enthusiastic about anything? Yes, I know like me you have heard those dreaded words like, "I'm bored," even though there's tons of things to do in their room. Here's the reason why. Teenagers naturally have a lower amount of dopamine in their brains. They actually have less than adults. 


So what is dopamine? Dopamine is a little neurotransmitter that is responsible for all our pleasure and our reward responses. Anytime we do something fun, novel, exciting or we eat food that's really good, dopamine is released and it says, "Oh, I want to do that again!"


Well teenagers have very little of this. They actually do not have a lot of dopamine and that is why they are constantly chasing thrill-seeking, exciting or really high highs. It's because their dopamine levels are so low everyday and mundane things do not excite them. It's like they need an overload just to get the normal amount of reward response inside of...

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