What is Tsaphar and How Do We Live Out This Meaning?

Apr 27, 2021

            What is a watchman and why is it such a vital role for us women to have in our home? You probably seen dozens of movies with a watchman on a tower or on a really high-leveled wall. The watchman was probably old and feeble, haha! His main role was to observe and be a lookout for enemies, danger and harmful things that were trying to enter the city gates. The first person’s life to be threatened was always the watchman. He had a very important role.

            God has called us women to be watchmen in our homes as well. From a Biblical perspective it may seem very similar to the role of a watchman in the movies, but it is so much deeper. The word watchman in Hebrew is “Tsaphar”. Tsaphar means to look out, look about, spy, keep watch, observe, lean forward, peak and peer into. This word has so much to do with being aware with our eyes. First, before we dive deeper, we...

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