Hey Mama!

It's time. I know that just like me you are passionate about passing on a legacy of faith to your teen daughter(s). You want her to know the Word of God and you want her to know her true Identity in Christ. 

I also know that just like me, life gets busy and we too often let other things get in the way of us intentionally discipling our kids!

Our Fall Fire Starter is meant to ignite your daughter's passion for the Word of God and jumpstart you into a routine of spending regular time with your daughter in the Word!

 If we want something different; we've got to do something different! Let's do this together!
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I Want This For My Daughter And I!

It starts at home. 

I think we all know this, but often we miss the opportunities that are right in front of us to intentionally disciple our children. We know we need to spend time with our teens in the Word of God, but why don't we do it?

I have given myself the time excuse, the tired excuse, and the "I don't know where to start excuse;" but the truth is that I am often spending time on things that don't matter. The truth is that one of my primary responsibilities is to raise kids who know their identity in Christ, and who are able to stand on the Word of God; and although the Church and Pastors are important, my kids spiritual development begins with me

It's time to do this together. Raising teens is hard; and I know it's frustrating when you feel like you are doing everything you can and saying all you can say, but it doesn't seem to be getting through! Sometimes we need to stand back and let the Word of God go to work! We need to let the Sword of the Spirit pierce through and convict those areas that need to be changed! 

Join us for this 5 day intensive that is sure to spark a fire for the Word of God in your daughter!

Donna Martin is a Pastor, Author, Motivational Speaker, and the Co-founder of the Joy Company- a non-profit organization whose aim is to awaken purpose in youth. Donna’s passion is to see young women leading in their community and walking in their true identity. She has been in ministry since the age of 19, leading and pastoring women in various capacities. In 2018, Donna and her team spearheaded a new movement in the Public School system that purposes to restore value to young women. Through curriculum development, conferences and events, Donna has reached many teen girls with a message of hope and encouragement. She has recently established an online digital platform to Disciple teen girls called GirlTruth and her newest book: #DONTBEDUMB encourages young women to make wise choices and to discover who they are in Christ! Donna holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University and a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Oral Roberts University. Donna resides with her family in Southern California. She has been married for 15 years and they have 3 beautiful children.

Fall Fire Starter

Let's spark a passion for God's Word in your Teen Daughter









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