The Tools You Need To Light a Passion for Jesus in your Teen Daughter

We've created the best Bible Studies for teen girls that will take them deeper in their walk with God!  We've created a path to help moms strategically disciple their daughters, so that she grows in her relationship with God, her spiritual identity, and confidence as a believer.

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The world's first relatable, down to earth, online teen girl Bible Study platform. Over 50 different relatable Bible Studies to dive into.


  • Girl Truth was created to draw you and your daughter closer to God, while also strengthening your mother-daughter bond.
  • There are amazing Bible based studies and lessons for young children. There are also great courses and groups for adults to grow spiritually, but what about our teens?! Mama you're not alone. We couldn't find anything either! So we created it ourselves. Girl Truth is an online Bible study platform that will help your daughter grow into her God given identity, know her value, understand her relationship with God and others... and the bonus, strengthen your mother and daughter bond.
  • Yes, this is the spiritual development program that you've been long hoping to find for your teen girl. Finally, a program that breaks down God's word in a relatable-fun way and continually has your teen growing all year long!

8 Different Bible Study Series Unlocked Right Now! 

You can do all of these Bible Studies at your own pace. Really! Just 1x per week in the Word of God with your daughter will make a huge impact! Begin your journey right now!


#Don't Be Dumb Series

9 lessons: Intro, You Are a Gift, The Gift of Surrender, The Gift of Purpose, Wisdom's Guarantee, Guaranteed Harvest, Patterns, The Guard, The Grace to Endure

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#Don't Be Afraid Series

12 lessons: Intro, He Is With You, He Sees You, All You Have Is All You Need, God Is Getting You Ready, You Can Do This, You Are Victorious, God Wants To Use My Life, Yasss Queen, Courage In The Face Of Fear, You Are Not Too Young, You're Going To Make It, God Has Big Plans



#Follow Jesus Series

4 lessons: Why We Need a Savior, Deny Yourself, Take Up Your Cross, Follow Me



Rise Up Shine Series

7 lessons: Intro, Rise Up, Stand Out, Rise Above Pt. 1, Rise Above Pt. 2, Sparkle Pt. 1, Sparkle Pt.2


Why People Love Girl Truth

Community. Breakthrough. Direction. Guidance. Encouragement. Support. Biblical Truth. 

A Place To Grow Together.


50+ Lessons 

Ready to Go!

One of God's most frequent messages to us in the Bible is "Do not fear." Fear loves to hinder and hold us back from seeing God's promises come to pass. Learn how God used people just like you and I to overcome fear, amongst other things. Then use those same tips and tools to finally kick fear out the front door! 

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Weekly Live Zoom Calls

You can join our weekly Girl Truth Mom Squad group with your daughter and dive a little deeper with other moms and daughters to review our Bible studies with founder Donna Martin.

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Girl Truth is available on phone, tablet and desktop. Take it on the go!

Watch Girl Truth while giving your daughter a pedicure. Drive to your favorite restaurant and login through your phone. Lay down in bed and screen mirror it or connect your computer to your tv using a HDMI cable. Wherever you are there's always a convenient way to access Girl Truth.

Hey mama! 
We get it. The teenage years are really hard. Our daughters are facing a myriad of changes: emotional, hormonal, physical and relational.
They are starting to navigate their faith independently, in the midst of a culture that is constantly bombarding them with ideas that are contrary to the Word of God. The enemy is after their identity.
I know the frustration that comes with seeking out a Bible study resource for teen girls that is relatable, effective and well… just to be honest, already established. I could have definitely used Girl Truth 16 years ago, during my years of youth ministry, while I mentored and encouraged girls in their faith.
Let us partner with you in this journey. Together, we are raising up the next generation of Kingdom Warriors- modern day Esthers & Deborahs! 

What is Girl Truth?

  • Simple, relevant Bible Studies for teen girls
  • An invitation into breakthrough & a closer relationship with God
  • Teens growing in the Word and knowing their true identity in Christ.
  • Bonding between mother and daughter
  • Accountability & Community
  • Weekly practical parenting tips 

Access to the most simple, down to earth, relatable Bible Study for teen girls for less than $1.30/day!


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(per household)

Boost your daughter's spiritual journey and confidence! Allow the Word of God begin to transform her life!

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Enjoy all the benefits of Girl Truth and sponsor a single mom and/or teen girl in another part of the world. 

Girl Truth reaches women all over the world, but not every mom can afford to pay $19 US Dollars. Help Girl Truth reach as many teen girls as possible, by sponsoring another family. 

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Why Investment is Crucial

"I felt like I was losing my daughter"

This is what one of the moms in our community said to me; and as a youth pastor for many years, it's a phrase I have heard all too often. Unfortunately, it's a phrase that usually comes too late. Most parents reach out for help and/or intervene when their teens are already far gone. It doesn't have to be this way! Mamas, discipleship happens on purpose. It's not enough to raise our kiddos in church, we must raise them in Christ. No one can do that better than you! Think about it. We invest thousands of dollars in sports programs, electronics, cell-phones, and recreation (all of that is good!) But we often neglect their spiritual growth. 

If you've ever been concerned about the spiritual growth of your teen daughter, then it's time that you intervene! I wish I could give this away to every family that I encounter, but the truth is when we pay, we pay attention and there is no greater investment that you can make into your children than in their spiritual growth. Just know we are in this together. You have a whole squad of praying mamas on the other side of your decision who are waiting to walk alongside you. 

NO ONE should "MOM" alone. 


I'm ready! Let's do this!

Is Girl Truth membership for us?

It's for any mother who wants to intentionally teach her daughter the Word of God while building a strong/mother daughter bond.

Titus 2:3

It's for any mother who wants a community of other moms to lean on for support and encouragement and prayer!

Hebrews 10:24

It's for any mother who wants her teen to experience loving mentorship and Biblical Counseling. 

Proverbs 11:4

Are You Ready!

We've been praying for you! So excited for you to join the Squad!

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